” Floating voluptuously inside the amphora”
[the multiverse project- 1]
23 x 30 cm/ graphite on paper_ 2018

Practicing yoga has immediately brought a response in the way I perceive and experience the body-in space. Its coordinates have expanded and diversified, embodiment has revealed a multidimensional quality that I could not perceive as clearly before. The fact of developing dynamic figurative elements in a 360 degree continuum (at each turn of the paper), has become a natural and relaxing form of expression capable of rendering volume in a more wholistic and playful way.

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" The strain of rebirth "

[the multiverse project- 2]

29 x 42 cm/ graphite on paper_2019

" Diagnosis and first body movement "

[coping with sickness]

20 x 39 cm/ graphite on paper_2020

" Propelling instincts beyond the field of causality"

[the multiverse project- 3]

21 x 30 cm  [ 2023 ]