I started making art as a way to explore and to heal myself.
The experience has been passionate, fascinating, overwhelming, often mistaken, terribly painful, extremely creative, but most of all full of love and energy.

This initial work, mainly centered on the psyche, very intense and inspired yet way too self-enclosed, has than developed in fresh new ways.

As I have opened to consciousness and matured a way towards self-transcendence, creativity has finally become an integrated and balanced experience, rooted in wilderness, well grounded in the body, balanced by meditation, particularly attetive to sound and consistently nourished by light.

Relationship with nature and with the animal world, the fact of being a responsible and supportive part of the ecosystem, has become of gratest importance to me, and is always found at the core of my activities, also when not thematically addressed in the artwork. My wish is that of bringing all that I am and also my social experience in compatibility, or even better, in harmony with it.

The overwhelming intensity of my initial involvement remains, but is now experienced from a resolved core of existence, rather slim compared to the challenge, but absolutely real and consistent: I now work so that delving into my deepest drives and emotional currents, may happen in unison with the spiritual frequencies connecting the whole to the source.

Creativity is both passionately driven and absolutely open to transcendence, and this happens in one wholistic flow.

I find myself constantly immersed in the dynamics of healing, which concern an extremely vast and diverse content, making it a demanding but enticing adventure, strong on playfulness.

Through art, I wholeheartedly work my way towards complete regeneration, and see in depth how it happens.

Healing is a necessity in human life, and I came to understand that every person has got something very important to resolve and a deep renewal to accomplish.

[On this page, my work is displayed chronologically, as a way to point out the changes that have taken place along my journey: changes in my attitudes, boundaries, priorities, ways of search, perspectives.]

I live nomadically


“Galerija Grigor Prlicev” in Ohrid, Makedonija (2014)    

“Galeria Aviatorilor 9”, Bucharest, Romania (2015)    :  "The In-World"

The same year I have participated to the project   “Vocile Sufletului (Voices of the Soul)” promoted by the “Romanian Association of Analytical Psychology ”.

"Sons of Gaia" psychedelic festival, near Brasov, Romania [2017)   :  "Visions of Symmetry"

"Galeria Art Nuvo", in the city of Kielce, Poland [2017]    :   "Rubedo"